Art Frahm - “Hit or Miss” 1940’s

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Gil Elvgren - “Did You Recognize Me by My Voice?” - 1948 - A bit of an unusual style by Elvgren with the dark background. Elvgren used it on a few times over his career but it certainly brings out the party and celebration look to this illustration. Lovely brunette and the colors just add to her beauty. The confetti could almost be construed as scratches on this illustration. 


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George Petty’s illustrations spanned over 40 years from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. A lot of his illustrations adorned Esquire Magazine over the years including this one from 1937. His Petty Girls were some of the most popular during WWII as his popularity gained over time. This illustration had comments at the bottom of the page “Well, we could go to the opera, Mr. Hammond, if you insist on preliminaries.” 


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The second of the “Maid in Baltimore” illustrations by Earl Moran - Appears the series was done around 1947-1949 - Marilyn Monroe was the perfect model and the yellow bathing suit was featured in all of the “Maid in Baltimore” series. They were done for American Hammered Piston Rings by the Kopper’s Co. Inc. There were other illustrations done for the company but at least 3 of Moran’s illustrations featured Marilyn. The third features Marilyn in a standing position with a slightly different yellow bathing suit.


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Earl Moran - “Maid in Baltimore” 1950’s - With Marilyn Monroe posing Earl Moran created several illustrations by this name. Slightly different but still showing the beauty of his favorite model from the late 1940’s.  The Maid in Baltimore series always featured advertising for American Hammered Piston Rings by the Kopper’s Co. Inc.


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Bill Randall - July 1957 - From his Date Book of 1957. “Fran” - Fran’s the Fire chief’s daughter, And she goes to fires, too, … (How’d you like to have this doll climb up and rescue you?) 


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Earl Moran from his Girl’s of 1950 Calendar - 1950 was somewhat of a “nursery rhyme” calendar for Moran. Several illustrations featured “Marilyn Monroe” type illustrations along with this one. Moran had spent the last four years doing a great deal of photography of Marilyn so she would be featured for many years in his illustrations. “The Queen of Hearts, at making tarts, ‘Tis said she was no rookie. It’s easy to see how this could be - Because she was quite a Cookie.”


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Gil Elvgren - “In for a Tanning” - 1944 - Also known as “Smart Grab” 


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Alberto Vargas - “He really shouldn’t have - but then I shouldn’t have either.” 1970’s from Playboy. Alberto Vargas found his final home with Playboy magazine in the 1960’s, producing some of his most beautiful and sensual illustrations in each month’s issues. Vargas’ found his greatest popularity during the Playboy era that continued through the 1970’s. A glorification of the “American Girl” with his work for Playboy no doubt!


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Gil Elvgren - “Bare Essentials” 1957 


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