This bomber was decorated with Freeman Elliott’s “Hit the Deck” from he 1940’s. Each and every plane decorated with nose art had it’s own identity which the members of the flying teams embraced as it became a symbol of hope and good luck on that each would return from their flying mission. During WWII, we lost over 52,000 Air Force men to combat and another 15,000 to Stateside training accidents. There were almost 36,000 planes were lost in combat and accidents. It was a time when “Luck and Hope” were needed by those who defended our nation and the world. For many of you that might have read the best seller “Unbroken” - you realize the price our fathers and grandfathers paid during the war. Hope the history gives you a little perspective into the importance of this Pinup art during this period of history.


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The beautiful Alberto Vargas illustration is from Esquire Magazine in 1944. Love seeing how inspired these artist were in the Air Force who did these drawings. They obviously had a talent with their reproductions of these famous Pinup art illustrations. Hope these two days of drawings have added to your knowledge of the history of the art and the inspiration it added to our Fathers Generation during one of the most historic times in our countries history.


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Alberto Vargas inspired “Nose Art” was very popular during WWII. The illustration by Vargas inspired the Nose Art on the “Lilly Belle” with the artist at the airbase adding his own touch to the final product. Many of the drawings on the aircraft were of the popular Hollywood stars including Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable along with many others. While Nose Art featured many beautiful Pinup illustrations, it was not limited to these beautiful sexy women and also included Cartoon characters and Patriotic symbols. It all added up to a form of great inspiration to our troops who were a long way from home fighting for the world.

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Pinup Art - Inspiring a generation - One of the most famous “Nose Art” illustrations in WWII was the Memphis Belle, recreated from a George Petty 1940 illustration. During WWII, thousands of American and Allied Aircraft anointed the nose of our fighting aircraft. “Nose Art” as it was called gave the best artist at each airbase the best of jobs, painting these beautiful illustrations on the aircraft nose, each becoming the good luck charms of the flight crews. Even the flight jackets were covered with the nose art of each unit, boosting moral and becoming a patriotic symbol for each. The calendar companies stepped up production of their calendars to meet the demand of our fighting men around the world.


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Remember when “You’ve Got Mail” really meant, you’ve got mail? Gil Elvgren - “Keeping Posted” 1947 - Interesting it took only 5 days to complete this illustration. Found a wonderful old magazine this week from 1951 with a story of Gil Elvgren creates Calendars. His model is Candy Montgomery who Elvgren said “is the type of girl he likes to work with.” Candy is Elvgren’s idea of a typical American beauty. Candy appeared in many of Elvgren’s illustrations. I will feature a few more of Elvgren’s works this week with more notes from this article featured in the August 1951 Modern Man Magazine.


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Earl Moran - “We’ll See” 1951 - Earl Moran was so talented and his detail to his work. This illustration features his wife Gloria Moran and I have added a photo of the two together admiring the work. The colors are wonderful in this piece and the detail of the upper part of the dress are a great example of the perfection in his work. Interesting to note that the original painting was reversed in the published illustration.


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Al Moore - “Tiger Woman for the Tigra Cigarette 1956 - Beautiful advertising illustration by one of the famous Pinup artist of the 1950’s. Love the eyes and looks to this beautiful illustration. Like most Pinup artist of the 1950’s, Al Moore created many advertisements such as this one for the Tigra Cigarette Company which was manufactured by S.A. Tabalux in Merxem-Antwerp. These artist were well known beyond the boundaries of just the USA. A good example of their world wide reach.

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Billy DeVorss - Flapper with Borzoi - 1930’s

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Gil Elvgren - “In the Dough” 1937

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by Alberto Vargas

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