1946 Earl-Moran-pin-up-girl card advertising B-1 LEMON LIME SODA POP. According to an article on the PsychiatryOnline website, “The 1930s and 1940s saw the introduction of such products as ” Wake-Up ,” “Heads Up,” and “B1.” All of these products were lithiated and believed to be helpful for alcoholic hangovers.

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Earl Moran - “Strike Me Pink”

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Earl Moran, Illustration, Pin Up art,


By Mario Scali 1959

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Earl Moran
The Brown & Bigelow Calendar

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Greta Garbo - Charles Gates Sheldon (1889-1960)

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Old Gold Cigarette Advertising was popular with many of the Pin-Up artist of the 1930’s and 1940’s. George Petty had many illustrations that were used by the company. This is another illustration by Petty from the Scrapbook that I cannot find published on the web nor in his books. This illustration was most likely done in 1938 when he published many similar illustrations in Esquire Magazine for it’s calendar. Love the thinking behind this one as very different than a lot of his illustrations..

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George Petty - From the 1940’s - “It’s no use Philip - When you lost your yacht - something within me died!” Guess some things never change over the years….

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Rolf Armstrong - “Wonderful One” 1949 - Jewel Flowers modeling

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George Petty - 1940’s - “I’m playing Easter Bunny for the kiddies, but now the fathers want to get in the game - what’ll I do?” Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and that you had a Blessed Holiday!

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Earl Moran - “Pink Dress, Telephone, and a Beer”

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