Earl Steffa Moran - “The Right Number”

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Gil Elvgren - “On the Right Track” (My Money Goes Faster than the Horses) 1949

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Gil Elvgren, Illustration, vintage, Pin Up art,

Earl Moran - August 1950 Calendar Girl featuring Marilyn Monroe. The 1950 Calendar featured several of his most popular illustrations of Marilyn. “Early to bed may make you wise, but staying out late will get you more guys.”

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Arnold Kohn - (1920-1984) “Beautiful Nude” Kohn was mostly known for his pulp illustrations for book covers but in the 1950’s he painted pin-up art for men’s several magazines and calendars. He was an early contributor to Playboy magazine even though never really known for his work with the magazine.

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Earl Moran - January 1958 Calendar Girl - “Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! The situation’s well in hand. Drop your arms and come to me; for you - I’ve great things planned.” - A re-post as I did not realize I had the original of this and a better copy!

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Earl Moran, 1958, Pin Up art, vintage, Illustration,

With August drawing to a close - Earl Moran - August 1958 - The 1958 calendar featured an assorted group of comical All American type models, all very different. “Although I’ve lots of work to do with beans, oats, wheat and hay, there’s no better time for a hug and a kiss than right here now - today! 

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Earl Moran and Zoe Mozert - As most of you know, both were two of the greatest Pinup artist of their time. This illustration by Earl Moran is called “Diane” from the 1940’s. However, his model was Zoe Mozert when she was a very young woman. The illustration features her standing in water and as you can see, it was a very early illustration by Moran just based on the detail of the work.

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George Petty - “Come On Along” 1940’s

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 Alberto Vargas - Esquire Magazine Yearbook August 1946. 

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F.X. Leyendecker

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