Ben-Hur Baz - Esquire Magazine 1948 - “Si, Si” “Saucy, vivacious and spiced with daring, the Latin type’s beyond comparing, especially if you don’t ignore, the turbulent look in her eyes, Senor.” 


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ben hur baz, Illustration, 1948, esquire magazine, Pin Up art,

"Lets Be Friends" Rolf Armstrong from the 1937 - One of the few Rolf Armstrong illustrations that I have ever seen that was signed with "Hollywood" below his signature.


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Rolf Armstrong, Illustration, vintage, Pin Up art, 1937,

K.O. Munson’s 1946 Artist Sketch Pad Calendar - This beautiful illustration appears to be Cleopatra


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K.O. Munson, Illustration, 1946, vintage, Pin Up art,

Earl Moran - “Te Esperito” or “I’ll wait” or “I hope so” in English. 1940’s


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Earl Moran, Illustration, vintage, Pin Up art,

September Calendar Girl from Al Moore - Esquire Magazine Calendar Girl 1951 - “This September lass, in the freshman class, is learning nothing particular. If you like her looks, forget your books, her courses are extra-curricular!” 


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al moore, 1951, esquire magazine, Illustration, Pin Up art,

September Calendar Girl from Alberto Vargas - 1942 Esquire Calendar Varga Girl. SEPTEMBER - September starts me thinking of those days of Golden Rule. I bet if Teacher saw me now, he’d keep me after school! 

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, 1942, esquire magazine, Illustration, Pin Up art,

Zoe Mozert - “Sweetheart of the Show” 1940’s


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Zoe Mozert, vintage, Illustration, Pin Up art,

 Gil Elvgren - “The Right Number” 1961


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Gil Elvgren, vintage, 1961, Illustration, Pin Up art,

Bill Randall - 1954 Date Book - Sally - Sally is a puzzle, there’s no question about it, some think she’s an angel, but, frankly, folks, I doubt it.”


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Bill Randall, 1954, vintage, Illustration, Pin Up art, vintagegal,

 September Calendar Girl from Alberto Vargas - Esquire Magazine 1944 - “SEPTEMBER” - “September starts to chill the air but not those ardent guys who stare and sigh and even try to read what’s in my eyes!” 

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, 1944, Pin Up art, esquire magazine, Illustration,