Alberto Vargas - October 1944 Esquire Magazine Calendar Girl - “OCTOBER” - “I’m dreaming of my soldier boy who’s in the South Pacific, and there each Miss is is garbed like this (The heat must be terrific!)” 

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, 1944, esquire magazine, vintage, Illustration, Pin Up art,

Alberto Vargas - “Trick or Treat” - 1967 from Playboy Magazine. One of my favorite seasonal illustrations from Vargas… The original piece of art for this illustration sold at Christi’s in 2003 for over $71,000. Not bad for a little piece of Halloween history!

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, 1967, Playboy, Illustration, Pin Up art,

K.O. (Knute) Munson - 1947 Sketch Pad illustration.


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K.O. Munson, Illustration, 1947, Pin Up art, vintage, brown & bigelow,

Earl Moran and his “Some Interesting Figures” 1947 Calendar - “It’s easy, when you start out young to learn the simple rule that it is best if figure work be practiced out of school.” 


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Earl Moran, vintage, 1947, Illustration, Pin Up art, brown & bigelow,

 Earl Moran and his 1946 Heavenly Bodies Calendar. “SCORPIO” - “They say I’m not ambitious … But why should I do dishes … ?” 


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Earl Moran, 1946, vintage, Illustration, Pin Up art,

 Alberto Vargas - “Memories of Olive” 1920 - A very sensual painting by Vargas from the very early years. Olive Thomas was a dancer for the Ziegfeld Follies and was the “Marilyn Monroe” of her era. Olive’s career began as a model in 1914 before dancing for Ziegfeld. While partying in Paris in 1920, she accidentally drank a flask of mercury bichloride which her husband used for a topical treatment for chronic syphilis. She thought the flask was alcohol. She died five days later from kidney failure, long before her acting career and beauty would fully be recognized. A stunning painting by Vargas in his early days that is still recognized as one of his most beautiful paintings 94 years later.

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, olive thomas, 1920, Illustration, Pin Up art,

George Petty - 1949 Petty Girl - The Petty style was always about the shoes and the ballet slippers were worn by many of his Petty Girls. The Petty Girl Movie in 1950 featuring Joan Caulfield who is on the sofa proved to be a Hollywood Flop at the box office. 


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george petty, petty girl, 1949, Illustration, Pin Up art,

Alberto Vargas - 1943 Esquire Magazine Varga Girl. - “OCTOBER” - October is a lovely month, of Yellows and of Reds, the leaves start turning golden and I start turning heads!”


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Alberto Vargas, vargas, Illustration, Pin Up art, 1943, vintage, esquire magazine,

 Rolf Armstrong - “Come on Over” 1940’s


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Rolf Armstrong, vintage, 1940's, Illustration, Pin Up art,

 Bill Randall from his 1955 Date Book - “TINA” - Harvest’s in, air is keen, farmer’s daughter turned 16. I think it is an awesome pity I ever took off for the city!”


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Bill Randall, 1955, Illustration, Pin Up art, vintage,