Al Moore - August 1949 Esquire Calendar. Nothing better than a bathing suit in the hay! Moore always added great angles to his works and following Alberto Vargas in 1949 as the Esquire Calendar artist, it was a big job to make certain the tradition for Esquire continued.


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Alberto Vargas - Esquire Calendar Girl August 1943 - From the toes to the fingers at the top of the illustration, absolute perfection by Vargas. He was certainly the master when it came to his illustrations with form and elegance. AUGUST - “I find a cool, secluded beach a perfect August shelter, But all the men who pass my way just look at me … and swelter!”

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Alberto Vargas, vargas, 1943, Illustration, Pin Up art, esquire magazine,

Al Buell - Victory Girl - “Tell It To The Marines” - July 1943 - A lovely WWII illustration promoting war bonds and stamps which helped finance the war. Victory is Everybody’s Job! Love the colors and the theme around this rare illustration. The sword was the symbol for the Marines and continues to be used today in their advertising campaigns. Buell was a favorite to those serving around the world and part of a group of pinup artist who did work for the government promoting war bonds during WWII.


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Ward Brackett - (1914-2006) Esquire Magazine Calendar Girl - August 1952. Interesting, a bathing suit like this could easily be seen today on the beach even though she is 62 years old this month. The 1952 Esquire Calendar was shared by many artist including Brackett. He was little known in the pinup world and only contributed a few pinup type illustrations. Most of his contributions to were to magazine covers and advertisements such as Good Housekeeping and others with only this contribution to Esquire.


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 Alberto Vargas - This beautiful patriotic illustration is from Esquire Magazine - December 1943. This illustration came with a poem entitled “There’ll Always Be A Christmas” - This illustration was a gatefold in the magazine and there is not a good copy of the poem on the web. Obviously a great illustration to boldly fly on the nose of the “Heavenly Body” bomber. Looks like Pilot George “Crafty” Hillett and his flight team had a successful WWII in the Pacific battling the Japanese there.

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This old Acme Beer Advertisement by Alberto Vargas is from the 1940’s. 5th War Bond advertised as well. ACME - “The beer with the high I.Q.” 

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Earl Moran - August 1954 Calendar. Marilyn Monroe posing - “For happy living free from worry, relax and let the others hurry.” 


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Earl Moran - “It’s the Upkeep”

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Earl Moran, Illustration, Pin Up art, vintage,

Earl Moran - Gunning for You - “Wide Open Spaces” 1950’s

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 Alberto Vargas - August 1947 Esquire Calendar Year Book  "WINNIE THE WOW" - "Winner is a winner! That you’ll all agree with the kind of figure that is strictly T.N.T. But we poor outsiders are feeling kind of low, We’re all N.G. with Winnie, she’s "calling up" her beau!" Enjoy your Thursday!

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